Eco-Friendly Hotel

Learn what makes Zoe a San Francisco green hotel.

Hotel Zoe is certified as a Green Business by the Department of the Environment and has been recognized with 4 Green Keys by the Green Key Eco-Rating Program. In addition, our San Francisco eco-hotel has earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification and achieved GreenLeader Gold Level status with TripAdvisor.

We push well beyond ENERGY STAR, Green Business Program or Green Key requirements with eco-friendly efforts to preserve and protect the indoor and outdoor environment.

Hotel Zoe proudly offers an opportunity for our guests to join us in our green efforts to conserve natural resources.

Green California Business Network San Francisco.

San Francisco Department of the Environment
Green Business of the City and County of San Francisco – 2018 – 2025

2022 Travelers Choice Logo.

Travelers’ Choice Winner 2022
Certificate of Excellence – 2015 to 2022
GreenLeader Gold level

Eco Facts

Check out why we’re a green hotel in San Francisco, and what makes us that way. From LED light bulbs to motion-sensor control panels in guest rooms and public spaces, stem battery power to low-flow water valves, environmentally responsible cleaning solutions to ongoing recycling efforts, we make sure that not only is our hotel green, but we make sure it’s easy for you to be green too.

Preserve, Protect, Inspire

Hotel Zoe is a certified Green Business, and we’re proud of it. We’re also continually developing eco-friendly efforts to preserve and protect the environment, while still offering an indulgent (and healthier) hotel experience.

Water Conservation

Hotel Zoe uses low-flow toilets, faucets and showerheads, and helps save about a million gallons of water each year.

Diversion from Landfill

Hotel Zoe has replaced single-use shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel containers with larger, pump-topped bottles, keeping around 144,000 tiny plastic bottles out of landfills each year.

We also recycle our kitchen grease into biofuel and compost, further helping us divert as much as 74% of the hotel’s waste stream from landfill.

Breathing Through the Outdoors

According to the EPA, indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air. We raise indoor air quality by circulating large amounts of outdoor air into guest rooms. The hotel also uses low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) carpets and pads, sealants, paints and adhesives.

Reduction of Chemicals

Instead of traditional cleaning products, Hotel Zoe utilizes electrochemically-activated (ECA) solutions that are non-irritating to workers and clean and sanitize just as well as traditional chemicals.


Our guests are free to check out our complimentary bicycles to explore San Francisco safely and comfortably without the hassle of gas, traffic and parking. And if you arrive by electric car, our garage offers complimentary juice bars for those who valet-park their vehicles with us.

Local & Organic

Our famed Pescatore Trattoria features warm, friendly dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With options ranging from classic fried calamari to locally-sourced shrimp ravioli to our signature dish of cioppino, our fare is prepared in an eco-friendly fashion respectful of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s sustainable fisheries guidelines and paired with a thoughtful selection of wines, microbrews, and hand-crafted cocktails.

Same Light, Less Energy

Our San Francisco green hotel reduces greenhouse gases by using LED light bulbs in a majority of fixtures. Guest rooms and event spaces are equipped with motion sensors, and our hotel is a recognized participant in the Step Up And Power Down initiative by PG&E.

Community Efforts

Hotel Zoe partners with the Oceanic Society and helps work to study and protect threatened marine species and habitats in priority areas worldwide by donating a portion of our proceeds.

We also proudly partnered with Direct Relief, an international aid organization dedicated to supplying essential medical equipment, medications, and PPE to front line medical professionals throughout the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through our affiliation with Noble House Hotels & Resorts and being a recognized green hotel leader in the San Francisco hospitality industry, our eco-friendly hotel believes in aiding and assisting those in need. Our team regularly volunteers with local partners and donates time, space, and services in an ongoing effort to improve the community.

The Hotel Zoe hosts a variety of employee events throughout the year, promoting diversity and inclusion within the team, such as themed employee luncheons and celebration of different cultural holidays. In addition, a diversity mural was created with quotes from team members to serve as a reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Pebblebrook Hotel Trust’s Sustainability Initiatives: View Pebblebrook Hotel Trust’s Sustainability Initiatives >

  • 63% of our properties have a sustainability coordinator or green champion
  • 80% of our properties have meeting rooms with digital thermostats
  • 98% of our properties have a preventative maintenance plan that checks building energy and water equipment at least quarterly
  • 61% of our properties have a water efficiency program
  • 94% of our properties have faucets with low-flow aerators to conserve water
  • 48% of our properties have eliminated single-use plastics (or reduced to an absolute minimum) from the property
  • 74% of our properties have eliminated plastic straws
  • 65% of our properties have implemented a food waste prevention strategy
  • Nearly $19 million invested on environmental initiatives

PEB 5-Star Promise Statement
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust (“Pebblebrook”) strongly supports AHLA’s 5-Star Promise. Our pledge to AHLA complements the practices and policies in-place by our company and our hotel operating partners which are designed to ensure that the hotel employees at our more than 50 owned hotels across the United States abide by the law, respect individual’s rights, and do not tolerate sexual harassment of any type at our properties. We have dedicated a significant amount of resources to assist our hotel operators with sexual harassment awareness training and avoidance programs, in addition to training and resources to prevent human trafficking. We will continue to engage with our hotel operators to provide the resources to further assist them in ensuring the safety of our hotel employees and our guests. Pebblebrook is committed to funding the purchase of hotel employee safety devices for use at all of our owned hotels by the end of 2020, as well as to provide funding for additional training and education programs on sexual harassment and human trafficking at our corporate level and our hotel properties. Through our pledge to the 5-Star Promise, Pebblebrook intends to contribute to positive, industry-wide improvements to continue to make hotels a safe place for all our employees and guests.

Communal Spaces

Our modern and inviting lobby features multiple settings to grab a post-meeting cocktail or plug-in for a bit of productivity.


Communal Spaces

Our modern and inviting lobby features multiple settings to grab a post-meeting cocktail or plug-in for a bit of productivity.