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Things to Do Near Pier 39

Hotel Zoe and Pier 39 Attractions

At just 0.4 miles or a 4-minute drive away, Hotel Zoe is one of the hotels near Pier 39 in San Francisco. With it’s convenient location, staying at Hotel Zoe will allow you to save time and money if you’re interested in visiting the local tourism areas. For a more authentic experience of the delightful neighborhood, it is highly recommended that you visit Pier 39 by foot. The hotel has a secure parking lot where you can park your car while you enjoy your hotel stay and explore the city.

To get to Pier 39, head down eastward on North Point St. then turn left toward Beach St. Turn right and continue walking down Beach St. until you reach Stockton St., where you will have to turn left. Enter The Embarcadero, and you should see the Pier 39 Concourse.


Things To Do At Pier 39

From simply enjoying the breathtaking views of Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco and the activities on the water to a thrilling 7D roller coaster ride experience, there are tons of ways to keep yourself and your family or friends entertained at Pier 39. Here are the different Pier 39 attractions and highlights worth visiting.


Aquarium of the Bay

Dedicated to showcase and educate about the diverse marine life of San Francisco Bay and the nearby waters, Aquarium of the Bay is both an entertainment and informative facility both kids and adults will surely enjoy. It houses about 20,000 local sea critters and creatures, all waiting for you. You can walk through 300 feet-long clear aquarium tunnels where you can get close and watch various marine animals swim by. There are also hands-on and interactive activities, science experiments, naturalist presentations, discussions, and more. You will be mesmerized by graceful moon jellies, feel a bat ray’s wings, or look a Sevengill shark in the eye. Also, don’t miss the chance to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the aquarium, where you might even be able to feed them. The Aquarium also offers amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz from their outdoor decks.


Plunge into the 7D Experience

The 7D Experience offers adventures that are both entertaining and physically challenging: The DarkRider, Laser Maze, and Beam Busters.

The DarkRider theater is a 20-seat theater with a massive screen that will stimulate all your senses through combining modern 3D film idea, a digital surround-sound system, and cutting-edge technology to give you the ultimate watching experience. Grab your friends and enjoy an interactive, action-packed laser-blasting game of Laser Maze Challenge where you can prove your speed, confidence, and agility as you walk, crawl, jump, stretch, and navigate your way through webs of laser beams. Laser Maze too easy for you? Elevate the action and try the Beam Busters where you attempt to beat the highest score by breaking the most laser beams during the allotted time!


Enter a New Dimension in Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze

Weave through seemingly endless doorways, columns, and halls in this labyrinth of mirrors lit by colorful lights. The Infinite Mirror Maze poses a challenge for guests of all ages because this confusing, almost psychedelic attraction will have you going around in circles and constantly meeting dead ends.


The San Francisco Carousel

At the Bay end of Pier 39, you’ll find this popular majestic carousel, which is the country’s only carousel to feature artistic renderings of its home city. Handcrafted and hand-painted in Italy, it shows famous San Francisco landmarks such as Coit Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Chinatown, Lombard Street, and the famous sea lions of Pier 39. Kids and adults alike can ride the many spinning tubs, rocking chariots, swings, and moving horses of the carousel, illuminated by thousands of twinkling lights. It is especially wondrous at night.


Enjoy FREE Entertainment at the Carousel Stage

Every day, the Carousel Stage comes alive with performances of comedians, jugglers, magicians, and tricksters that bring laughter and entertainment to visitors for no fees whatsoever! Catch them during daily scheduled time slots from noon to 8:50 pm!


Have a Taste of Air Suspension at Frequent Flyers

Frequent Flyers is a bungee trampoline ride where both kids and adults can safely jump as high as 20 feet, try aerial acrobatics, and see the pier at a bird’s eye view. Anyone who weighs 30 to 230 pounds is allowed to ride the trampoline for $10 per session.


Immerse yourself in San Francisco’s Culture and History through Cruises and Tours

Got some time to spare? Sign yourself up for a Bay cruise or tour around the city or Pier 39 for a stress-relieving, relaxing way to spend a whole afternoon.

Different cruise services can take you sightseeing at Alcatraz or near the Golden Gate Bridge where you can plunge yourself into all the maritime activity around you along with ferries and sailboats. You can maybe even go fishing! If you’re staying in any of the hotels near Pier 39, you can also go on tours where guides will educate you about the history of the city and the pier while enjoying the different attractions including the San Francisco sea lions at the Pier’s Marina and the Musical Stairs.

No matter what brings you to San Francisco, you will thoroughly enjoy your stay at Hotel Zoe near the Pier 39 attractions.

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